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On this blog I keep a record of things that I have made. I love to sew, repurpose, create and design things! I consider myself pretty crafty. I hope you enjoy seeing my latest projects! Crafting is a great release for me so check back often because I will be adding new things all the time!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Organization Board- Guest post by Kortnee!

Hi! My name is Kortnee and I am BFFs with Courtney M.! I am a senior at Washington State University studying psychology. I love to craft and make things during my free time, and I especially love using things around the house I already have (I am a college student after all haha). During my spring break last week I had some free time and decided I wanted to make something. Seeing the empty poster frame I bought from Goodwill for $2 almost a year ago I got some inspiration to make SOMETHING. The final product ended up being an organization board.

So, I grabbed the board and all of my scrapbooking supplies and got to work!

I didn't start taking pictures until later on in the process because I have never made a craft tutorial or really even shown off any craft projects. As I got further though I thought it was so cute and had to share it!

I used three full sheets of scrapbook paper and parts of another for this project. I kept two of the sheets full sized (a sparkly blue and a solid blue) and cut the third in half (used both pieces of it though- the blue paisley sheet). I had some polka dot scrapbook paper that I decided to cut and use for "bullets" on the board.

As I worked I decided what categories I would use for the board. I used puffy paint for embellishments, scrapbook letter stickers, pattern scissors, and white construction paper to make the labels after I pick the categories.

I ended up picking two for cleaning (one for monthly cleaning and one for weekly), shopping list, and weekly meals.

I put the stickers on the paper before I cut the days of the week out for the menu.

Here are the days and labels all added for the meals!

I used a scrapbook paper sun I've had since about...2002! haha

Here is the final product, without and then with the clear front and the edging.

Here is the board all filled out! :) the poster frame ended up working out really well so I can write directly on it because it had the clear cover over the top (as opposed to a bulletin board) but was bigger (as opposed to just a picture frame). I ended up using whiteboard markers that I already had from my white board calendar!

I hope you readers can use this to get inspired about organization as well as crafting! I am usually not very creative and original myself so I am super excited about how my board turned out! If you make one, leave a picture in the comments because I would love to see what awesome ideas other people can come up with :)

Thanks Courtney for letting me share your blog for the day! :)

Friday, January 30, 2015

diaper cake guitar

I made this diaper cake for a friend. It has a package of diapers and two onesies. Then I made a towel bib, and burp rag, wash cloth and nursing pads. I love how it turned out and it was a hit at the shower too.

rocker baby girl

My friend from High School is pregnant with a baby girl! I had to make some little rocker clothes for her. I saw the idea for the rock and roll shirts on pinterest. I just love HTV and my Silhouette

Ninja Turtle Birthday

My son is obsessed with the TMNT, so I was happy to spend most of January making his birthday dreams come true.

 I dont do it all however I hired Sunshine Cakes to make the cake and Jessies sweets to make the cupakes. Didn't they turn out so cute?
 I made these letters for my sons name out of the paper mache letters from Hobby Lobby. I ran out of time to make the a look like a slice of pizza.
 I wrapped the fork with a napkin and used a vinyl ninja mask to keep it wrapped. I made the masks on my Silhouette and stuck them on EVERYTHING! ha ah
 Little hugs with wraps and tmnt stickers to hold them on
 I even stuck a vinyl mask on the green balloon
 I loved how these fruit tray and veggie trays turned out!
 I decorate this window each year.
 I made this shirt with htv cut and designed on my silhouette
 Favor bags

 I made costumes for each of the little guests. complete with belt, shell and headband (I figured most kids wouldn't wear masks.

 I made a timeline of a bunch of fun pictures of my son growing up.

 Action figures coming out of the "sewers"

Not pictured: I made a poster of a few photos and all of my sons milestones and favorites. I also set out his baby book and other photo albums for guests to look at.

I made little peg TMNT for the guests to take home

We had "Ninja training" complete with a string maze, trampoline ninja moves and a pillow fight weapons battle.

Kid kitchen

I am always looking for an excuse to make things. So when my son gets invited to bday parties I am pretty excited to create something perfect. This little boy was getting a little kitchen. I really wanted to create a nightstand or entertainment center play kitchen but thought that would be a little extreme.
So instead I made a little stove onto the lid that stores it all! Brilliant! I cut the "stove" with my silhouette on vinyl. 
I made a set of felt food and rounded up some dishes and then made an apron to go with. I also made the tractor with a freezer paper stencil. 

Ring Sling

My first serger project with my new brother serger I chose to do a rolled hem on the ring sling I made for a friend. I loved the ease and finished look.

minnie mouse htv

My friend was in a disney swap and asked to cut a minnie and mickey with my silhouette. I loved how it worked out.