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On this blog I keep a record of things that I have made. I love to sew, repurpose, create and design things! I consider myself pretty crafty. I hope you enjoy seeing my latest projects! Crafting is a great release for me so check back often because I will be adding new things all the time!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

Elodie the elephant

Are you ready for something absolutely precious!

Meet Elodie. She is an adorable elephant I made this weekend.

I love the ears! It can sit on its own. I made it with fleece so it is super soft!

When I finished the pattern I decided it needed a personal touch so I appliqued 2 little hearts then hand stitched around them. I put one on the chest and one on the bum!

Now I really need to make another one so I can keep it for myself!

Grasshopper changing pad, diaper case and toys

I made the cutest little diaper case and pad out of this fun grasshopper fabric for a friends baby shower gift. She is having a boy but I thought this would be perfect for gender neutral.

The case is fully lined and is perfect to take to church or on a quick outing to pack a couple of diapers and a wipes case.

I made this pad to go with it! I used my new sewing machine to make a cool stitch along the edge. I love it!

I also made these cute little tag toys. The triangle has a chip bag inside so it make a krinkle noise. The cube has a little rattle I made with a container and so rice. I think they will be perfect with little hands. I made up the patterns for both of these toys.

Baby Bowties

I made up this pattern and made two of these on my lunch break! I love them and can't get enough. They take the smallest amount of fabric so its perfect for scraps. I sewed velcro to the strap and made it longer so it was more adjustable. I gave them to a friend for her baby shower but need to make more so my future bulldog Wendall can wear them!! cute!

Rose Jumper with shoes and headband

Another Baby shower gift... surprise surprise.

For my friend Sarah I picked out this vintage rose fabric and knew it would be a beautiful dress! This dress was a pattern from the "one yard wonders" It is a jumper for an 6 month old or a shirt for a toddler. Pretty neat!

I couldn't help but make some cute accessories to go with it

I made this headband as a smaller version of the ones i like to wear. It has elastic but you also tie it to give it a cute look. I made some fabric yo-yos and glued buttons on it to make it extra cute

These shoes were so so adorable. I designed the pattern myself and they tie around the back of the ankle. I am sad I didn't have a baby model! I hope they fit!

Purse and Trash bag

This picture isn't the best of the projects but I helped my Freaking Best Friend Opal make a new purse. I made a trash bag for my car. They were such fun projects. The patterns we used were out of the One yard Wonder book.

52 reasons book out of cards

This is a simple cute project I did for my husband for Valentines. I typed out 52 reasons why I loved him and then cut and glued one reason to each card. I used the jokers to make a "title page" and a back cover

Digital Scrapbooking

I have been digital scrapbook since my Aunt taught me how in the August. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. But i am not too good at it so i am kinda nervous to share. So here are some of my favorites of few that i have done. The first one is using my Aunt Shari's design ( the second one is from SYA'S BLUEPRINTS by Aisyah Roslan. and the last one is my friend Elise's design ( So enjoy!! leave comments if you like them because like i said i am nervous to put them out there because so many people out there are SO talented!!

Diaper Cakes

I have made a TON of Diaper cakes. I made a whole blog for them since I sell them sometimes! Take a looksy.

Cricut Cards!

So if you don't know what a Cricut is I will tell you. It is a personal die-cut machine that has these cartridges that create letters or shapes at a touch of a button. Basically they are amazing!!
So I got to work today and made cards!! I also made some samples to send to my sister in laws and my mother in law. They are big into scrapbooking and card making!
Here are the cards I made today.

Valentine's Day cards for kids

The Super bowl was even more enjoyable this year because i had a craft to make! I made Valentines for my friend Jennifer's kids to take to their classes. Sound familiar? I did this last year too...
Anyways this years turned out so cute!! Take a look

A fancy purse box and flower valentines. The tag says "Be my Bud-dy"!

This is for a little boy that loves frogs. Frog box with balloons with frogs inside. The tags say "Hoppy Valentines Day"

And this is a space station with rocket valentines that say "You're a Blast" They are made with a sugar tube and a Hershey's kiss.

It was so fun making them and i can't wait to see if they like them!

Baby shower invite

I am throwing a shower for Mindy and made these little diapers. On the inside it says
Don’t Be a
Party Pooper!!
Come to Mindy’s
Baby Shower
Saturday March 13th
University Courtyard Lounge
Mindy is having a baby girl!
Registered at Target

I used white felt, surged around the edge and then made slits so I could tuck in the ends and keep it closed. I bought plastic safety pins at the dollars store and hot glued them on!

Frogger Baby Set

Then later this week I am going to a baby shower for someone I work with. She is having a boy. I recently bought a book called "One Yard Wonders" and I made all of this with one yard of fabric. Cheap fabric too! I thought the frogs we so cute and fun! I made a tag/tactile blanket, a bib, a pair of booties, 4 burp cloths and 4 "wee wee wigwams" (tutorial on Make it of Love it!) and then appliqued my favorite froggie on a onesie! Not bad for a yard of fabric!

Start of the Man Blanket

I spent the afternoon teaching Mindy how to quilt. We are making a "Man Blanket" for her husband. And let me tell you it is manly. Just the size will blow your mind 6 feet by 9 feet!! And this isn't for their bed, just for him to use. He picked out all the fabrics and we just smiled and said over and over "it's a man's blanket" We did get the boy's to come into Porter's!! It was a success!

Mattoon Family Photos Display

Over Thanksgiving, we got our photos taken with Travis' side of the family. I just got my copies of the family shot, the "sisters", the brothers and the "kids". I thought they turned out so great a really show off our personalities and style.

Anyways I wanted to display them so went to Porters to get frames or a multiframe mat of some sort and instead I found a really neat shadow box. Opal and I searched through the scrapbooking stuff and gathered supplies. Then I went home and created this:

Baby Comforter

I made this quilt for my Best Friend Mindy's baby Madison who will be born in May!

I appliqued the letters of the alphabet, then stitched around each letter. To quilt i stitched in the ditch of top. I love it. I used 2 inches of batting so it is very full and I used fleece so it is super soft.

Paper Banner

I made this banner with my cricut and layering letters over paper flowers. My friend Christie taught me how. Quick and easy but so cute!

Tissue Paper Pom Pom

I made these pom poms out of tissue paper. They are so cute and so easy and cheap. I got the tutorial off of

Camo Baby Set

I thought this fabric was appropriate because my friend Ashley's husband is in the miltary! I made 1 tag blanket, 2 bibs (one blank and one says "future Hero") three burp cloths and 4 "wee wee wigwams" *tutorial by Make it and Love it*