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On this blog I keep a record of things that I have made. I love to sew, repurpose, create and design things! I consider myself pretty crafty. I hope you enjoy seeing my latest projects! Crafting is a great release for me so check back often because I will be adding new things all the time!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Jaimie and I made hats a couple of weekends ago. They are so cute! We made the beanies our of sweaters and the brown ones out of suit pants. Pretty thrifty

A new Dress

Ok so I am totally kicking myself because I didn't take a "before" picture of the sweater. But imagine Travis' Dad giving me a sweater that is a Eddie Baurer XL 100% wool sweater. I LOVED it but obviously it was WAY too big. I had to save it from the Goodwill pile and turn it into something. SO I did what any other craftaholic would do, I repurposed it. I cut off the sleeves. I flipped it inside out and fit it to my shape with pins, cut off the extra and surged it back together. and TADA perfect new dress. I wore it out to our valentines dinner! It is even cuter in person! So next time you have a huge sweater... give it a try!

*I totally turned the sleeves into a scarflette!


So I made up these cute little half scarfs that just pull over your head and stay put. Better then the regular scarf because there isn't extra length. Perfect addition to an outfit! I am going to make some soon to start an shop to sell. AND make a tutorial! My first one! it's going to happen!

I-spy bags

A friend asked me to make one of these for her little boy. They are great for church!

Paper bag book

I have wanted to make a paperbag book ever since I saw my friend Liz at work make one. They are these cute little scrapbooks made out of lunch sacks. You cut off the bottom and staple them together and then decorate the bags. then you make pages to slip inside the bags. Anyways it was a perfect gift for a co-workers going away gift. She left this month after 10 years at the center. She really made me feel welcome when I started so I wanted to make sure she knew we were really going to miss her. Here is the book. The pages weren't done by my co-workers so I don't have any pictures of them but you get the idea when you see mine "dark blue room" at the end.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine's Day Crafts

I made this heart wreath out of some "grandma" fabric I got for free. I made over 90 rosettes/roses on it. It was a lot of hot glue but I love how it turned out. I just cut a heart out of cardboard then wrapped it in white fabric strips and went to town making flowers.

I made this love banner with some letters I had on hand and ribbon I got from Christie
She sent me a whole box full of valentines embellishments that I can't wait to create with. So there will be a lot more to come!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Get well soon Card and necklace

I made this necklace and card for a girl in my church

1 man's sweater = 3 dogs sweaters

I made these three sweaters out of my Father in Laws old sweater! They loved them!

I made Nala's and Bandits out of the sleeves. Pretty much all I did was cut the leg holes in the right spot.

Bronx's was the chest part of the sweater. I had to shorten it and take it in at the waist... He is very oddly shaped. I love the half zip :)

Crafts or Lessons

So lucky me I had to get a BIG filling to cure I damaged tooth. Since Travis and I are on a TIGHT budget I am not looking forward to paying for this bad boy.
I was thinking that maybe I could make ends meet by making and selling some of my crafts. Or teaching someone to sew or help them with a project.
If you look at this blog you have seen some of the things I've made. I can make a lot more as well. I've done a couple of craft fairs too where I sold earrings, hair bows and I-spy bags.
If anyone is interested e-mail me at Tell me what your want and we can discuss pricing. Everything I have made so far has been very cheap and resonable.
I could also teach you how to sew, quilt, knit, make flowers etc.
Don't feel obligated to contact me I just thought this might be a good way to share my talents and make a little extra money to help smooth things over. Thanks so much!
Courtney Mattoon