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On this blog I keep a record of things that I have made. I love to sew, repurpose, create and design things! I consider myself pretty crafty. I hope you enjoy seeing my latest projects! Crafting is a great release for me so check back often because I will be adding new things all the time!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Family Cards

I made these cards for a college class my husband too. I printed out pictures of all of my family and husbands family and laminated them. I made them for my "future" children so they can see their family members.

Scripture Case

I made a new case for my scriptures and designed the pattern. My friend Christie really wanted to make some for her kids so I explored how to make a pattern. I loved how it turned out and I am going to make some with her and look for the perfect fabric for mine.

Apron cooking set

I made this fun apron, and hot pads set for my friend Mindy's birthday. I semi followed a pattern in One yard wonders but then added a little bit of personal touches!


My Husband and I made this puzzle we got for Christmas and sealed it with glue and framed it to hang in our living room. Simple craft that looks great!

Lamp Shade

I finally redid the hideous lampshade on my Eiffel Tower Lamp. Here are some Before and After Pictures.

I made the ruffles by cutting up a black blouse I never wore and attaching the strips and gathering them. Then I used an old dictionary and used paper mache (flour water combo) to put the pages onto the lamp. I really like how it turned out.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Minkee is the softest material out there. I love it. I have been drooling over the kits at Porters crafts ever since I first saw it. It's only down fall is its price. It is $20 a yard. So the kits are pretty pricey and you still need to buy the back, the batting and the adhesive. But when my mom was down visiting for the weekend she graciously bought my sister and I both kits for me to make! I was so excited I had them both done within 72 hours of my mom leaving! They turned out pretty good. Clara's is pink cheetahlicious and mine is an array of green and brown patterns. Here are some pics of mine:

And Clara's:

And I will end with some tips.
*This kit is not for beginners. It is very heavy and slippery so you have to have a lot of control.
*Use adhesive. I ran out at the end of the second quilt and found it much cheaper at the store instead of the craft store. It helps keep the back attached the the batting and the strips tight.
*Sew Quickly without stopping if possible. I spaced out my pins so that I could sew a couple of inches before I had to stop.
* Since it was such a big quilt kit (60x72) it is heavy. I rolled up the edges and sewed on the opposite side of the table so the table could hold up the quilt.
*It is totally worth it! It is very forgiving of crooked stitches and ridiculously soft and irresistible!

Baby Bird Mobile

I have been working on a whole nursery bed set for my God-daughter (Who was 2 weeks early and born Wednesday!)So I had to quickly finish the Mobile. I made these little birdies with a pattern from One yard Wonders. I think it turned out really cute. Now I just have to figure out a way to hang it. More pictures of the nursery to come!!

Craft Organization

When my sister moved back I lost my craft room. (But love her so its totally fine) So I had to move a lot of my craft stuff into boxes and put it in the shed. But some of the more important craft essentials I still wanted to be able to access them every day so I purchased an old vintage hard cased suitcase from a thrift store. It has this neat separation screen so I can hold things on both sides. Now I can hold my work in progress crafts as well as materials I use often. It stores perfectly under my bed. And when ever I go over to my friend Christie's I can tote it all around! I have plans to line it and create pockets with coordinating fabric but until then here are a few pictures.


For Christmas I made my sister a couple of headbands. I forgot to take a picture of them (which happens a lot!) but she lives with us now so I took them to document them.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


#24: Courtney who said...
"FUN! I am a follower and definitely a big fan of yours! What a great giveaway thank you!"

Ha ha One of my favorite crafty blogs "SEW DANG CUTE" had a giveaway and I won! I read her blog and was thats me! Hooray. Go check her crafty blog out! Be prepared to be impressed!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Finished Product: The man blanket

Here is the finished rag quilt My friend Mindy and I made for her husband Tom. The original post can be found HERE!!
6 feet by 9 feet of "rugged maness"

Friday, April 2, 2010

Christie's Purse

Here is the pictures of Christie's bag we made. The pattern was out of the One Yard Wonder Book. It was pretty tricky for Christie's first purse but it was Flawless!

Christie did such a great job. It took us a while (4 hours) but she has sewing stamina just like me so we finished it in one night! She took these photos with her amazing camera taking abilities... like I said before she is very talented... she wears lots of hats very well! (photographer, chef, scrapbook and crafter extraordinaire, mom of two, secretary for Wolfe Lighting etc!)

Sewing in Action

Last night I helped my friend Christie make a purse. It turned out so cute (pictures will come soon) But she took a pic of me in action. Thought I'd document it!