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On this blog I keep a record of things that I have made. I love to sew, repurpose, create and design things! I consider myself pretty crafty. I hope you enjoy seeing my latest projects! Crafting is a great release for me so check back often because I will be adding new things all the time!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SIL purse

I'm not very good at remembering to take pictures of the things I make. I made almost all of my Christmas presents this year and this is the only one I remembered to document with photos. I am going to try to do better at this. New years goal!

I pretty much made up this pattern myself using some of the techniques I took from various projects in One Yard Wonders. My sil picked out the fabric and kinda told me the size and type of strap and I created it for her. Then I filled it full of assessories and such, necklaces, scarves, hair clips, you know that kind of stuff.

I took a ton of pictures trying to capture it's cuteness but I still need a lot of work. Here are the best details.

The stap is long enough to go over the head across the body but short enough to just flip over the shoulder. The stap is dark blue on one side and teal on the other. The bottom is flat. It is fully lined with teal

Here is the Flower and ruffle detail. I love how it makes the bag stand out. I love the color and texture combo as well.

She loved it and loved all the little gifties inside. Yay for a successful Christmas.

If you are interested:
I made:
my Father in law a Jean Quilt
My Mother in law a memory book that I scrapbooked
My dad a Photo letter Name sign that said "the Reid's"
My mom a bead watch
My other sil (we draw names) an apron, oven mitt and hanging dish towel

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